Whether you are using in the process of the screw, encountered such a problem?
  • Screw sliding tooth, dozen don't tight!
  • Head tank to play, I don't!
  • Electroplating bad, easy to rust.
  • Hardness is unqualified, easy to break!
  • In addition to the hydrogen is not good, easy to brittle fracture.
  • Head of beryllium front, affect the appearance!
  • Tooth type is not full, tapping speed slow!
  • Mixed nail, bad material, trough, automatic line feeding machine
When you are choosing screw supplier, whether worry about such a question?
  • Delivery delays, affects the progress!
  • Specifications of the single, with slow!
  • Tolerance size is too big, can't use!
  • Environmental protection is not standard, can't certification!
  • Plating quality is not stable, affect the product performance!
  • Products have high defective rate, affect the automated assembl


High quality, low cost, large capacity, fast delivery and strong research and development, service is good
A full set of advanced equipment!
  • Fully automatic computer heading detection equipment
  • Thread rolling equipment with computer
  • Automatic detection screening machine
  • Japan imported mould
  • Tolerance can be less than 0.05 MM
Accord with environmental protection!
  • Through strict salt fog and environmental test
  • Stainless steel is up to 240 hours salt spray
  • Machine screw teeth 100% pass check gauge
  • Every batch of products through the ROHS testing
  • SVHC, such as California's 65 environmental protection certification
100% optimal product shipment!
  • Optical inspection equipment imported from Taiwan
  • ROSH machine testing equipment
  • Computer induction detection equipment
  • 100% ISO9001 certification, let you rest assured
The quantity 200 million
24 hours shipment!
  • The quantity can reach 500 million
  • More than 10000 kinds of screws on the spot
  • Non-standard custom products can ship 24 hours a day
Automatic assembly 0 card machine!
  • Don't recycle material, from the source control quality
  • Ensure that your production efficiency
Professional r&d team!
  • Professional r&d team, help customers to analyze the product structure
  • Good design ability, avoid the screw design problems
  • To provide quality service for the customer
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苏州德朋精密五金专门从事电子产品连接部件精密SCREW的专业化生产, 从现在手机装配中使用的直径0. 6mm的超小型SCREW到直径1 2mm螺钉, 生产品种多种多样。为客户专业设计定制各种标准件及非标准件,为满足客户的要求而努力奋斗!能为您提供连接部件的所有资源。苏州德朋的整体运作模式融合台湾、 香港, 韩国米乐m6的技术与管理模式, 并不断修正白己的服务軌迹, 把顾客的需求放在首要位置, 德朋的成功需要每一位顾客的支持 。 多年以来,德朋以其诚信经营,批发的宗旨,急顾客之所急的服务态度,人性化的沟通方式, 迅速而稳的成长着并已建立完善的营销服务机制, 将优质产品传送到每一个需要德朋的地方 。 如果您为某些苦苦寻找而没率散的产品发愁, 如果您需要一个库存完备的标准件、美制、非标件、模具配件、供应商,请垂询德朋,米乐m6 拥有一支队伍人才为客户提供完善的服务。 “...